Being a parent is not child's play. One of the key challenges we face as parents is keeping up with those tiny toes; because those little toes do a lot of exploring - kicking the soccer ball, jumping over the puddle, sliding down the handrail, splashing around, skidding on the school corridor, running around the playground, walking and wandering about, just wondering about everything under the sun.

We also understand that it’s not one size fits all when it comes to caring for your kid’s growing needs, and it’s the same case with their shoes. There’s not one shoe that could keep pace with all their adventures and free play, leaving them no choice but to manage their play time with a downsized adult shoe and those oh-so-boring school shoes. That is, until today.

We at Plaeto have worked closely with FindMeAShoe and found many interesting things about the growth pattern of Indian kids.

  • Finding 1 - 50% of kids aged 5 to 12 years will outgrow their shoes within the year.

    Plaeto’s solution: Plaeto has come up with a revolutionary invention that fits tiny toes through the year - the Fitliner. It is a removable liner under the insole that can be peeled off to expand the shoe by up to ½ a size.
  • Finding 2 - The feet of kids up to 12yrs old develop more rapidly than those of older kids.

    Plaeto’s solution: Plaeto’s design features are governed by human anatomy. For instance, a wider toe box gives growing feet room to manoeuvre, and asymmetrical laces allow the shoe to bend at the natural flex point of the foot. 
  • Finding 3 - Indian feet tend to be wider owing to climatic and cultural influences

    Plaeto’s solution: Plaeto’s shoes are designed specifically for wider Indian feet to provide support to your kids whether they play in a park, at school or run through puddles 

Thus, our world class team of engineers and designers from India, Italy and USA have worked together to come up with many thoughtful design inputs, making Plaeto shoes the right kicks to care for your kids, and enhance their free play without stress. Now your kid’s feet will have more room to grow with shoes that are wider and expand as they grow; providing more length, width, volume and months of comfort in just a few seconds.

But, we didn’t stop there. We dug deep and found even more insights that helped us arrive at our designs. In a study conducted with over 500 children and 4000 hours of field research from across India, we found that although their feet are not significantly different, the foot shape of girls and boys starts to differ as they grow older. Our study also suggests that the feet stop growing at the ages of 12 and 15 respectively for girls and boys.

Did you know that different parts of the foot grow at different rates and ages? For example, the arch of your toddler’s feet is one of the first parts of their foot to develop, happening  between 2-5 years. The instep grows rapidly between 2-9 years, and foot length grows most rapidly between 5-10 years. And, it is notable to know that your kid’s feet are proportionally wider than yours. No wonder they stand their ground when it comes to granting their demands. (instep height = foot height at the instep point)

Interestingly, there is a direct correlation between kids’ physical activity and the rate at which their feet grow. Basically, the more free play time the kids get, the more growth in their instep height .

So, where does Plaeto fit in, you ask? 

As we already learned, kids’ feet don’t grow the same amount each year, especially from ages 5-10. This is what makes predicting their shoe size for an entire year difficult. That’s where Plaeto shoes step in. Plaeto is the first-ever shoe designed specially for free-play loving Indian kids and their growing feet.

With Plaeto Fitliner, the shoe size can increase by ½ a size. Simply remove the Fitliner underneath the shoe insole, and Voila! The volume of the shoe increases, making more space for length and girth to fit in. You can read more about it here.

Plaeto shoes are redefining the way Indian kids play and grow, one shoe at a time. Join us in the movement here and let’s help our kids find their feet.
November 19, 2021