The Covid-19 pandemic, the worldwide lockdown and everything else that followed was really hard on all of us. But it was so much worse for our children. Think about it: we only had to give up our daily routine, our commute. But our children had to give up their fun-filled weekdays, their playgrounds, their classroom naughtiness, their action packed football and basketball games.

And most of us are already back at our offices. But so many of our children are still stuck with online classes, unable to break free of the indoor shackles. Without outdoor games, our children will not have their daily physical exercise - with no outlet for their never-ending energy. But that’s not all. Without the fun aspect of these games, the children might feel bogged down with the routine of their online classes.

The solution is just outside your door - in a very literal sense. When your kid cannot go out and meet his friends over a game, they have to do it with their best friend at home. And that’s you. Go out with your kid every day. Take them to the nearest park, your building terrace, down the road, or your apartment complex - whichever place gives them a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor activities are the greatest escape for your child. So much so that they look forward to these few hours every day. And the moment they go back home, they start planning their games for the next day. You can do the same with your kid too. Pick out your kids’ favourite activities and plan a week-long game with them. It can be something as simple as playing catch, frisbee, or just hide n seek. They get their share of exercise, and so do you. An additional upside is elevated mood, higher happiness levels, and more joy at home for all of you.

You can even take it a step further and call up the parents of your kid’s closest friends (and even the ones who live close by) and organize a game for the children. As parents you can guarantee that the kids play safely and follow safety protocols while watching over them.

Teach your kid the sports you used to love at their age. Learn something new from them that they might have learnt amongst their peers. Bonding over play is the most fun way you can connect with your little one. And it won’t just help the children. As an added bonus, it will maybe help you relive your childhood and enjoy those memories of play.
February 28, 2022