January is almost over, yet it feels like the year has barely begun. From the rising third wave to new health-scares and curfews, it seems like neither we nor our kids can catch a break. So here we are, to share some top-notch way for you and your kid to enjoy this great New Year to the fullest, smiling, cheering, jumping, laughing - all of it while maintaining perfect safety standards. 

  1. Start the day with a morning jog! - Who doesn’t love staying healthy by getting their hearts pumping? When you and your kid go out to jog each morning, you don’t only keep each other company - you push each other to run faster, jog longer. And you have a great time. A win-win-win scenario!
  2. Do something new with a skipping rope! - Skipping is so much fun even when you do it alone. But when you do it with your kid, you can get insanely creative by using any number of skipping rope tricks. Just learn the latest one from Instagram and use it to create great memories for the same platform - and for life.
  3. Enrich the cycle of life - with a cycle! - Teaching your kid how to ride a cycle is one of the best moments of being a parent. What’s even better is going on a cycling trip in the early morning or late afternoon. It’s a lot like jogging, but you get to exercise a completely different set of muscles. And you can witness your kid mastering the bicycle with your own eyes.
  4. Home-based exercises - Working out at a gym is great! Working out at home, with only the support of your own body is even better. You can even take it up a notch by enjoying the exercises with your kid. Witness tiny arms trying to perfect a push up, or even watch them do burpees - working out with your kid is a whole new experience.
  5. Play Ball - It could be cricket or football. You could even put up a hoop in your garage and play basketball. This way you and your kid can both stay active. And you can always enjoy beating a shorter opponent. Even better, you can anticipate the day when they beat you at your own game.
  6. Yoga - Get your kid into the habit of practicing yoga from an early age. Teach it if you are well-versed in the ways of yoga. If you don’t, even better! Take this opportunity to learn something new with your kid. Stretch and relax your muscles together and learn new ways to calm the mind.
January 31, 2022