Find the size that matters
for growing feet.

Plaeto FitWiz

Take the guess, and the work, out of choosing the right shoe size.

Imagine a machine-learning powered, artificial intelligence system that scans, in  detailed 3D, the inner geometry of a Plaeto shoe - in particular, all its fitting points. Then, using Computer Vision tech it maps out your kid’s foot in glorious detail. A few simulations later, your kid’s feet are mapped to the Plaeto they were always meant to wear.

If you think such a system costs several thousands of big bucks to build, you’re right. If you think we’ve crunched all this digital coolness onto a simple-to-use web browser, you’re right again.

All you need is an A4 sheet of paper and the corner of a room. Head over to our website on a mobile phone, follow a few simple steps and you’ll find the perfect Plaeto for your kid’s feet.