The shape of the foot determines
the shape of the shoe.

Children’s feet grow. Unfortunately, children’s shoes don’t.

With science as our guide and a painstaking study of over 500 children’s feet across India, we learned all we needed to, to build Plaeto.

Finding 1

50% of kids aged 5 to 12 yrs, will outgrow their shoes within the year.


Plaeto invents the Fitliner. A removable liner under the insole that can be peeled off to expand the shoe by up to ½ a size. That’s more length, width, volume and months of comfort in a few seconds.

Finding 2

The feet of kids up to 12yrs old develop more rapidly than those of older kids.


Core anatomical principles direct Plaeto’s design features. For instance, a wider toe box gives growing feet room to manoeuvre but is still supportive of them. Asymmetrical laces allow the shoe to bend at the natural flex point of the foot. These and other thoughtful design features follow the principle of maximum support and minimum interference enabling hours of stress-free, safe play.

Finding 3

Indian feet are structured differently from others.


Indian feet are wider. Our civic environments are vastly less conducive to playing or even walking. The average Indian foot experiences all kinds of surfaces from uneven footpaths, to muddy pathways, to smooth granite. Factor in a child’s natural tendency to explore and you’ll see why engineers and scientists from 3 countries had to put their heads together to design Plaeto shoes specifically for Indian feet.