Parikrama School

The partnership between Parikrama Humanity Foundation and Plaeto began when a long-time supporter of Parikrma - Mr Swaroop Kittu Kolluri introduced the foundation to Plaeto. Initially, Plaeto decided to collaborate with Parikrma and conduct a dedicated fundraising campaign for their school that serves under-previliged communities in Bangalore. This campaign aimed to generate funds through the sale of Plaeto shoes, with the raised amount intended to provide high-quality and sports-friendly shoes to all Parikrma students.

The campaign proved to be a huge success, enabling Plaeto to provide sleek, sports-friendly shoes to approximately 200 children from Parikrama. As next steps, Plaeto contributed semi-used shoes to the families of the students at the school. These shoes were distributed to parents associated with Parikrama, many of whom are daily wage workers engaged in occupations such as sweeping, cleaning, rickshaw driving, and construction laborers.

We did not stop there. In December 2022, Plaeto took a significant step forward by endorsing one of Parikrma's distinctive initiatives, the Parikrama Champions League (PCL). PCL, a national-level under-16 football tournament, allows school football teams from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to compete on an equal footing, promoting equality and unity among participants. Plaeto played a vital role as one of the key sponsors of this event.

This collaboration has been an inspiring journey so far for us at Plaeto. We eagerly await further opportunities to make a significant contribution to the Parikrama Foundation in the upcoming year, as we work together to create meaningful impact and opportunities for the children we serve.


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