Age group : 6 - 14 years

Early fitness sets children up for a healthy life, improving physical health, cognitive function, and emotional well-being, while establishing lifelong habits.


Plaeto Playcamp is a 2 week intensive (fun) program designed to teach and train children in fundamentals of fitness. Our objective is for children to learn the techniques and practice it beyond the camp.


  • Registration fee : INR 799 (inclusive of all taxes)

Program Structure


  • General Fitness Training
  • General Conditioning with Equipments
  • Motor Skill Development
  • Flexibility Workouts
  • Aerobic Zumba


  • Skill Development
  • Focused Technic training
  • Form & Mechanics
  • Introduction to Sprints, Jump & Throws
  • Specific Drill to improve speed
  • Session on sports injury


  • Track & Field Training
  • Training Specialization
  • Explosive Resistance
  • Power Development
  • Motor skill development
  • Session on Sports Nutrition


  • Developing Skills workout Ladder
  • Drills for muscles
  • YO YO test (Fitness test )
  • Cross Country Championship
  • Mini Athletic meet ( Selective Events)
  • Prizes & Awards

Trainers & Mentors

Sahana Kumari


Karnataka Rajyotsava & Ekalavya Awardee

Current National record holder in high jump

NIS Diploma in Coaching

World Athletic Level 1 & 2 licensed Coach

B.G. Nagaraj

(International Athlete)

Delhi Common Wealth Bronze Medalist in 4*100 relay

Asian All Star ⭐️ Gold Medalist in 100mtr

Karnataka Rajyotsava & Ekalavya Awardee

NIS Diploma in Coaching

World Athletic Level 1 & 2 licensed Coach

Location & Timings

Delhi Public School - East, Bangalore

Sulikunte, Bangalore

Only for students

Starts on June 24th

Timings : 2:00-4:30pm

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Contact Us

Get in touch with us at or WhatsApp on 9611484007

Or, connect with B.G.Nagaraj at 8073371466 for any enquiries on Playcamp