High school fellowship bridges gap between education and future careers

High school fellowships provide innumerable benefits to the students. Apart from broadening the learning avenues beyond just the classroom, it provides students with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a real work environment. From collaboration, creativity, and teamwork to problem-solving and time management, students get a chance to acquire and hone a variety of practical skills that are often difficult to teach in a traditional classroom setting. Internships are a way to prepare students for the future of not just work, but life, by building values of empathy, discipline, resilience, and teamwork.

Successfully navigating a professional environment, completing tasks, and receiving positive feedback contribute to a student's belief in their abilities. This increased confidence can have a lasting impact on their academic and professional endeavor. Fellowship teaches valuable lessons in time management and responsibility, skills that are transferable to any career

For college admissions, a well-rounded resume is essential. High school fellowship programs provide students with a way to demonstrate their commitment to their chosen field and
create distinction from their peers. Through hands-on experience, students can confirm their
interests or discover new ones. This exploration is invaluable in guiding students toward informed decisions about college majors and future professions.
Plaeto Trailblazer is India's premier high school fellowship program. It’s an 8-week program specifically designed for students to learn how a startup works. Students get to work on solutions for real time problems faced by the business and get to execute them with complete freedom.

As part of the Learning and Development curriculum, 10X International School, Bangalore is partnering with Plaeto shoes to offer 10X students an opportunity to work on real business problems side by side with corporate teams. The students are working on a project with Google and Plaeto on integrating Artificial Intelligence in Shoe design.

“Internships form an integral part of the ‘learning by doing’ culture that we promote at 10X. Students get hands-on experience of seeing the concepts that they learn in the classroom being used in the real world. Internships at the high school level bridge the gap between theory and practical, much sooner, thereby preparing students to face real world challenges and to learn from failure.”
- Dr. Savita Chakravarthy, Director 10X International School

“The students were exposed to typical challenges around consumer experience, Artificial intelligence, image generation using AI. The objective was to design a shoe with a very personal story using all of the above.”

- Arjun Nair, Project Head - Plaeto, ex-partner at Deloitte Consulting

“Being a part of the Plaeto family has truly been a unique experience for me. It is a collaborative space where all ideas are nurtured and valued and not bound by long shoe laces. We're never formal there and no one is called sir or ma'am and we're all just friends optimizing our time to the best of our abilities to play a super competitive game of Foosball followed by ice cream. Working there has really positively impacted my foot health and mental health too! Real hands on.. well? Shoes on feet? Ehh.. doesn't have as awesome of a ring to it but you get it! AWESOME EXPERIENCE!”

- Priyamvada Gupta, student of 10X International school, Plaeto Trailblazer 2023

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