Sustainable materials.

Plaeto shoes are made with materials that aren’t just durable, they’re kind to the planet as well. In fact, a low carbon footprint is a must-have when it comes to the materials we choose. Our low-waste manufacturing ensures that waste from the process is constantly repurposed.

The Plaeto365 midsole is at the heart of the shoe’s sole. It requires less energy to produce and creates far less waste than materials used by a regular shoe. A proprietary bonding process fuses the upper, midsole and outsole, eliminating the need for any of those toxic, solvent-based glues or unnecessary stitching. Durability aside, the shoes are safer for your feet and the environment.

Longer lasting - both the shoe and its love for the earth.

Few things in life go through the wear and tear of a children’s shoe. But Plaeto is built for the tough life. The low carbon footprint upper is soft but possesses high tensile strength, resistance to abrasion and hates stains. Abrasion-resistant coating in areas of high wear further increases the life of the shoe. The Plaeto365 midsole retains its cushioning and responsiveness for a longer period of time and over all kinds of surfaces. After all, a durable shoe at home is what we all need. Not a substandard one that's dumped in a bin.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reinvent.

Apart from using materials with low carbon footprint and repurposing waste generated during the manufacturing process, Plaeto is structuring a take-back program for used shoes. The plan is to either recycle them in making new Plaeto shoes or to sanitise and have them reused by those in need. Either way, our obsession with keeping Plaeto out of landfills and on playful feet for as long as possible, led us to rewrite the lifecycle of a shoe itself.

Soft bags for sturdy shoes.

There are two reasons Plaeto won’t come to you in a single-use cardboard box. One is the colossal trash generated by unnecessary packaging and secondly, tough shoes don’t need the protection of a box. Plaeto comes to you in a beautiful and reusable cloth bag made from recycled textiles by women self-help groups in Karnataka. So not only do these deserving ladies have the chance to earn a living, but your purchase doesn’t add to the piles of packaging waste generated every day.

Made for India. Made in India.

World-class Plaeto shoes aren’t made with materials shipped in from around the world - something that would dent your wallet and the environment. Instead, a large chunk of the material in the shoe is sourced here in India, which is also where they’re manufactured.

Loves the earth as much as your feet.

A carbon footprint of just 6.5kg of CO2 per pair. That’s almost 50% lower than most athletic footwear. Just because we’re obsessed about looking after your feet doesn't mean we forgot about the environment.

* Validated by Simreka Consulting, Netherlands on January 18,2021.