Your child's
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The school shoe reimagined and reinvented.

A day in school is an endless adventure for a kid's feet. Corridors to run down, stairs to jump off, strange PE exercises, lunch break games, sudden basketball practice — the list is endless. Their feet need all the help they can get. Enter Plaeto, shoes that are built to support mischievous Indian feet that interact with all kinds of terrain in school. Not only do Plaeto shoes protect the feet from obstacles and incorrect movement, but they also care for the young bones, muscles and ligaments in growing feet. They’re also incredibly light so kids can strap them on, forget about them and just be whoever they want to be.

Rahul Dravid's message on school shoes

There’s no one reason to choose Plaeto school shoes. There are several.

To start off, Plaeto shoes are designed with insights and stories, painstakingly gathered from over 500 school children themselves. The resulting shoe offers caring support for delicate young feet and is tough enough to keep step with their daily adventures.

Next, Plaeto’s unique design features protect busy young feet from whatever they find themselves doing. Toe Bumpers protect the big toe. A Wider Toe Box provides freedom of movement to the forefoot and strengthens feet over time. Asymmetrical Lacing lets the shoe bend at the natural flex point of the foot. Super tough yet flexible upper and lower materials. Clearly, there’s a lot to be amazed by. Learn more here.

Built tough, Plaeto shoes aren’t just good for kids’ feet, they’re long-lasting and good for your wallet too. Another major irritant for parents is that kids outgrow their shoes. Well, Plaeto shoes are a step ahead of that problem too. Plaeto FitSystem features a removable fitliner that expands the size of the shoe by up to ½ a size. That’s more room for your kid’s feet, and none for your worries.

School administrators, teachers, parents - let’s spark off a foot health revolution.

Foot health has been a footnote for far too long. We’re looking for partners and collaborators to forge a partnership and spark off a movement of caring for growing feet. If you’d like to be one of them, leave us a message and your coordinates below, so that we can get in touch and commence this journey together.