Because big feats
start with feet.

Ready, Steady, Plaeto!

A few years ago in Portland, USA, 3 experts in the business of making shoes asked themselves a question, “Can we create world class shoes for the Indian child?” 

The pursuit of the answer led them to bid goodbye to the footwear behemoth they’d worked in for years. They plunged head-first (or was it foot-first) into researching the complexities and peculiarities of the Indian foot. 

The question that had sparked this adventure was now a simple dream that kept them awake at night - to let every Indian child experience the joy of play without fullstops. And to do it while being respectful and mindful of the planet's future. 

The enormity of the dream was humbling but incredibly inspiring. And eventually, after countless hours of R&D, design, prototyping, experimentation, breaking convention and rewriting the rules, the answer emerged.

Plaeto. The first shoe designed and created for growing feet.

Built by the finest designers and footwear engineers from USA, India and Italy. Customised to suit the unique features of Indian feet.
Shoes that love the earth as much as they love growing feet.
A 50% lower carbon footprint and built with materials that outlast the average sneaker.

This isn't just a shoe. It’s the beginning of a revolution.
Of letting kids be kids. Of giving growing feet the support and freedom they need. Of nurturing healthy, active, adventurous children into happy adults. Of a planet that’s better off because of how Plaeto chooses to do business.

“For us, it is child and planet first, always. That's our promise.”

- Founders of Plaeto