Crafting footwear that's better for people and the planet

Ravi and Pavan, asked themselves a question, “Can we create world class shoes for the Indian feet?” 

The pursuit of the answer led them to bid goodbye to their illustrious corporate careers, they’d worked with for years. They plunged head-first (or was it foot-first?) into researching the complexities and peculiarities of the Indian feet. The question that had sparked this adventure turned into a mission - ‘To let every Indian experience the joy of play without fullstops. And to do it while being respectful and mindful of the planet's future.’ The enormity of the dream was humbling but incredibly inspiring. And eventually, after countless hours of R&D, design, prototyping, experimentation, breaking convention and rewriting the rules, the answer emerged.

Ravi Kallayil & Pavan Kareti

Plaeto is a 100% made in India footwear designed by the top designers from the shoe industry for Indian feet. Made with the finest materials, Plaetos footwear outlast and have a 50% lower carbon footprint than most sport shoes

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