Scientifically designed
for busy, growing feet.

Wider Toe Box

Larger feet need wider, not larger shoes.

Growing muscles, ligaments and bones need all the support and freedom they can get. With a wider body in the front, busy, young feet can do what they do best - be busy. That’s several hours of joyous play for the kids and one big thing not to worry about for grown-ups.

Asymmetrical Lacing

Keeps feet ready for everyday twists and turns.

Playtime is all about lateral movement. And forward. And backwards. And well, it’s a lot of stress on a growing foot. Plaeto shoes clever slanted lacing allows the shoe to bend at the natural flex point of the foot, avoiding any restrictive pressure from the top of the lace. In short, it keeps kids’ feet in step with whatever they’re up to (which is usually quite a lot!).

High Toe Bumper

Takes the ouch out of play.

If big toes could speak, you’d hear how they’re the first to come in contact with pebbles, balls, walls, tables and other hard things. Plaeto’s high toe bumper keeps them and feet protected from both mischief and mishaps.

All-Round Durability

No wear. No tear.

A durable body made of recycled textile is further reinforced with a printed pattern of abrasion and stain-resistant coating. The proprietary Plaeto365 midsole can take a lot more punishment than traditional athletic shoes. So you can enjoy that new first-day comfort, well into a year of frenetic action.

Surprisingly light

Less shoe, more toughness.

Made from just 7 materials, a size-6 Plaeto weighs less than 300gms. It’s lighter than a regular kid’s shoe, kind to the earth but still stubbornly protective of growing feet.

Removable Fitliner

Feet growing? The shoe grows too.

As a parent, there’s one thing about growing feet that rankles - they outgrow shoes. Things are different with Plaeto. The Plaeto FitSystem features a liner under the insole which can be peeled off to expand the shoe by up to ½ a size. Your wallet and your kid’s feet will thank you.