Shoes for
Growing Feet.

Light and gentle, yet firm. Like a good parent.

The last thing busy, growing feet need is a heavy shoe. Plaeto is an exercise in clever engineering that has our size 6 shoes weighing less than 300gms. The midsole is made of lightweight but responsive Plaeto365 foam. The tough outsole is thick in high-wear areas like the forefoot and heel, and lightweight but still durable everywhere else. The polyester upper is - amazingly light but tough.

Flexible like a child’s play.

Don’t be fooled by the soft polyester upper of a Plaeto shoe. It can twist and turn and deal with whatever a child’s foot finds itself doing. All while snugly supporting the foot and taking its form. The lightweight midsole made of proprietary Plaeto365 foam can bend and fold too, while always being responsive to the young feet they’re supporting.

For any kind of play, the any kind of play shoe.

Playtime is an adventure without bounds. Mud, concrete, tiles, water, tar, stones, trees - there’s no stopping a child in the heat of play. With a Plaeto you won’t need to. Constructed for high durability, they’ll adapt to all kinds of games and activities and surfaces. A quick race in the basement? 2 runs to win the match? Seeking down the last hider? Escaping the ball in lagori? Whatever the game, Plaeto is the shoe.