Walking for Change: Kiran Verma's Inspiring Journey

In a world where social media often overshadows the stories of everyday heroes, Kiran Verma's remarkable journey stands as a testament to human endurance and the power of a single, determined individual to make a difference. His incredible 21,000-kilometer walk is about raising awareness for a cause that can save countless lives - Blood Donation.

A happy accident on LinkedIn -

It all started when Ravi, Plaeto's CEO, came across a LinkedIn post talking about Kiran and his walk. Impressed by his dedication and touched by his humble beginnings, Ravi decided to reach out, expressing a desire to help in any way possible. This initiated a beautiful partnership between an individual on a mission and Plaeto - willing to go the extra mile to support a noble cause.

A Painful Hurdle, in Kiran's own words

"The #21000kmswalk was not without my share of physical challenges. During my conversations with Ravi, I mentioned the severe hip pain I was experiencing while walking. In consultation with Dr. Ajoy, a medical professional and Plaeto's orthopedic consultant, Plaeto created custom-made shoes that were designed for my specific needs and improved my overall comfort while walking." - KIRAN VERMA

The Endurance of Kiran Verma

Kiran's journey is a remarkable example of endurance and resilience. He has already covered 15,000 kilometers, through diverse terrains, enduring extreme weather conditions, and overcoming physical discomfort. His dedication to raising awareness about blood donation, a cause that touches the lives of so many, is truly inspiring.

Plaeto's involvement in this mission goes beyond providing shoes to Kiran. We have been consistently replacing Kiran's shoes every 2,500 kilometers, not only to support his incredible journey but also to test the durability of our product. What's truly astonishing is that our shoes show a degradation rate of just 2.5%, compared to the industry average of 10%, which bears testament for the durability of a Plaeto shoe.

In a world often dominated by stories of adversity and challenges, Kiran's walk stands as a beacon of hope, illustrating that small actions can lead to significant changes, reminding us that each step taken with purpose can make the world a better place.

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